Hack the sauna experience

Hack the Sauna Experience

We are constantly looking for ways and means to bring the latest innovations to the market so that we can continue to make our customers' and consumers' lives better, healthier, and relaxed. Keeping with our mission of sharing the relaxing healing effects of sauna with the world, we have partnered up with Ultrahack to organize a hackathon event, where participants from across the globe are challenged to come up with new ideas and concepts on the future sauna.

The two main themes for the hackathon are Multisensory Experience and Wellness Experience.

We warmly welcome you to join the finals of the Hack the Sauna Experience virtual event on the 18th of November at 1.00 pm (EET).

During the event, you will hear about the new ideas & concepts and have the opportunity to vote for your favorite concept. In addition, we will also have a keynote presentation about the health benefits of the sauna by Teemu Arina, who is a well-recognized bio-hacker and co-author of a book titled Biohacker’s Handbook.

Please register for the event by using the form below.

The online event will be hosted by Ultrahack via Zoom event.

The schedule for the finals is the following (all times shown in the schedule are in Finnish time zone (EET):

1:00 pm
Pitches by the teams
Voting of the audience’s favorite

2:15 pm
Keynote: Health Benefits of Sauna, presented by our keynote speaker biohacker Teemu Arina (Jury deliberation at the same time)

3:00 pm
Announcement of the hackathon winners by chairman of the jury and CEO of Harvia Group, Tapio Pajuharju

3:30 pm
Closing of the event

Join the hackathon finals, register here

More information about the hackathon challenge

woman enjoying sauna


#healingwithheat – the regular practice of sauna & spa bathing for all its associated health and wellness benefits, whether they be physical, mental, spiritual, or social.

We challenge you to explore the following two dimensions of the future sauna experience:

  1. The Multisensory Experience – Using wellness technologies, smart user interfaces, and digital art, we challenge you to reimagine the sauna experience to elevate all the senses and transport the user to an alternative world.

  2. The Wellness Experience – More and more people are looking for holistic wellness experiences. We challenge you to innovate the future wellness experience to take care of both the user’s body & mind through personalization and incorporation of latest research.

man enjoying infrared

Here are some questions to get inspired:

  • How to expand #healingwithheat to a multi-sensory experience? What kind of sauna or spa experience would include most (if not all) of your senses – feel, touch, sight, sound, smell, and even taste? How would you approach this?

  • How can these challenge themes be combined? How would you create or enhance the experience for multiple senses, plus physical, mental, social, and/or spiritual wellbeing?

  • Can you utilize natural therapy/non-traditional medicine, ex: chromotherapy?

  • How to include self-tracking devices and the impact of sauna on wellness?

  • Is it possible to integrate smart connectivity and interfaces to modern smart buildings making an intuitive and smooth user experience?

  • Can you create pre-programmed or customized sauna experiences that take the user on a relaxing journey?

  • Could you develop a “sauna as a service” comparable to other services in the sharing economy field?

  • What kind of technology, sensors, etc. can be used in the sauna to enhance the overall experience, but still maintain the overall sanctity?

  • What are common elements to consider between different sauna & spa cultures?