Harvia Olympus 2x2
  • Harvia Olympus 2x2
  • Harvia Olympus 2x2
  • Harvia Olympus 2x2
  • Harvia Olympus 2x2

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Sauna cabin Harvia Olympus 2x2

Harvia Olympus 2x2 is a modern indoor sauna cabin made of solid wood. Its beautiful glass front and natural materials create warm ambiance. This ready made Harvia sauna includes Linden sauna interior and LED-lighting. Easy installation. Sauna Heater sold separately. Recommended heater output is 9 kW.

Item number Harvia
Room volume

  • Walls and ceiling with made of Nordic spruce plank constructions
  • Benches made of linden
  • RGBW LED-lights included - white colour may be connected via sauna control unit (e.g. Xenio CX110). RGBW-lights requires separate control unit (e.g. Xenio RGBW, RGBW range of lighting)
  • Heater not included

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