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Electric sauna heater Harvia Delta D36XE 3,6 kW steel

The efficient and compact Harvia Delta XE, an electric sauna heater with smooth design and XE control panel, is ideal for small saunas. Owing to its shape, the Delta XE can be mounted on the wall or in the corner. Delta’s digital Xenio XE control panel makes it extremely easy to use. All the functions are integrated directly to the Delta heater, enabling easy installation whether you are building a new sauna or putting in a new heater in your old sauna. The buttons on the Xenio control panel are illuminated for ease of use in dimly lit saunas. Use the control panel to adjust the temperature, lighting and timers. With the timer, you can have the sauna ready whenever it suits you. The control panel can be placed inside the sauna, doubling as a digital thermometer. The XE model can be started remotely, and the safety equipment can be integrated directly into the heater. The Delta XE model is easy to update to be compatible with MyHarvia with the Xenio WiFi accessory, enabling you to control your sauna functions with your phone.

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  • The Delta XE is compact and can be mounted on the wall or placed in the corner. It has digital control and is ideal for small saunas, as it can be embedded into various bench solutions.
  • The Delta XE electric sauna heater a range of features and is easy to install in a new or old sauna. It does not require a separate control unit installed in a dry room. All connections, such as the control panel, door sensor and temperature sensor and connected directly to the heater.
  • The Xenio control panel is equipped with illuminated touch keys and a digital display.
  • Use the Xenio XE control panel to switch on the heater at any time to reach the desired temperature, to adjust the lighting and to monitor the temperature.
  • The Delta XE model is easy to update to be compatible with MyHarvia with the Xenio WiFi accessory, enabling you to control your sauna functions with your phone. Learn my about the MyHarvia application at www.myharvia.com.
  • The safety equipment, such as door sensor and safety switch, which are required for remote use at home, can be connected directly into the heater. In remote use, the door sensor function can be activated directly from the Xenio control panel.

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Harvia Delta is a small but powerful sauna heater that heats up the sauna quickly and keeps it warm. The clear design of the Delta heater gives a modern feel to your sauna. Thanks to its design, Delta can be installed not only on the wall but also in the corner, using up space in your sauna more efficiently. Delta sauna heaters are available in four models: a model with manually operated thermostat and timer; model E, with a control unit that must be bought separately; model XE that comes with a digital control panel; and the Combi model with steamer feature.

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