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Control unit accessory

Door switch system Harvia for remote use

Door switch system enables safe remote use of the sauna and spa rooms. Connect the system to your control unit for safe remote start of the electric heater. The EU safety standards require an additional safety equipment for the remote use of the. The door sensors are easy to install and use. After installing, you can simply check the sauna room and activate remote start. If the room is not secured, the system prevents the heating automatically. The system is compatible with Harvia and Sentiotec control units.

Item number Harvia

Secure your sauna room for remote use

  • Door switch system for sauna and spa use for remote use of control unit
  • Safe remote start system for electric heater control unit
  • Secure check for room before remote use. Prevents the control unit to start-up if the room is not secured
  • Reliable door sensor for spa use. IPX65 and high temperature resistance. Sensing distance up to 20 mm.
  • Door sensor can be installed to the glass or wooden door
  • Compatible for Sentio by Harvia and Sentiotec control units

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