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Bench model Scala

Harvia Scala is a sturdy, distinct bench model suited for mid-sized and large saunas. The lower bench spanning from wall to wall and the streamlined upper bench give the sauna a modern look. In addition to fixed upper benches, Scala is also available with practical separate benches. Scala is available in aspen, heat-treated aspen, alder, and heat-treated pine. Scala benches are always tailored to the measures of your sauna. Highlight the bench design and create a calming atmosphere in your sauna by integrating LED-lights into the benches.

Item number Harvia

Harvia’s benches are always tailored to the measures of your sauna

  • All board parts are made of either heat-treated wound or heat-treated pine, the warm color tone of which gives the sauna a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Sturdy board wood measures 117 x 26 mm (width x thickness)
  • The deck depth of the lower benches is about 500–1200 mm. The depth of the seat stool is 485 mm and the maximum length is 1500 mm. A footrest and guardrail are also available.
  • The Scala bench solution is always tailored to the dimensions of the sauna.

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