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Head office

Harvia headquaters at Muurame

Harvia Head Office

P.O.Box 12 Teollisuustie 1-7 40951 Muurame FINLAND


Argipäeviti 8.00–16.00 GMT+2, välja arvatud Soome riigipühadel

Call rates

Calls from fixed network: 8.35 ¢/call + 16,69 ¢/min Calls from mobile phone: 8.35 ¢/call + 16,69 ¢/min Calls from outside Finland: Relevant international call charge (check cost with your local operator) (VAT 24% included)

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If your concern is not product related, please contact us via email at

In marketing-related non-urgent questions, please contact us via email at

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