Rejuvenating sauna experiences for spas and individuals alike

The health benefits of sauna have been trusted for generations, and now they are further supported by science. From ready-made cabins to customized indoor and outdoor saunas, Harvia is committed to creating a rejuvenating experience for all. Choose Harvia to begin your journey of #healingwithheat.

With over 70 years of experience, Harvia is the global market leader of saunas & spas and an innovative expert in all sauna types and cultures.

Product highlights

Phone App

Sauna at your fingertips

You can now have remote access to your sauna anytime, from anywhere with MyHarvia WiFi-solutions Relax after work. Recover after a workout. Start a no-fuss self-care routine by sauna bathing regularly and enjoy the healing heat. You pick the time when you are ready for the sauna.

Harvia hybrid sauna with a Legend heater

Hybrid sauna

Do you love both the traditional sauna with an electric heater and infrared room? Why not have them both in one? You can install our infrared panels into the traditional sauna and control them separately. The slim and sleek design doesn’t require much space and the panels can be integrated, for example, into the backrest of our saunas.

Detail of the Harvia The Wall Combi heater

Combi heaters

The versatility of the Combi heater allows you to control the steam at a gentle pace, or throw water to create enough steam as necessary. Relax with precision steam control.

Harvia Block Sauna with Virta electric heater

Indoor saunas

Create a wellness environment within the comforts of home.

Harvia Solide Outdoor Sauna 1

Outdoor saunas

Your own backyard sauna paradise.

Harvia heater production

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