Detail of the Harvia The Wall Combi heater

Combi heaters

Combine both the heat and steam

Do you love steam and enjoy the heat but don't know whether you should choose a steam generator or an electric heater? Then Combi heaters are perfect for you. As the name says Combi heaters are a combination of electric heater and built-in steam generator. You can adjust the humidity and temperature separately as the heater and the steamer have their own heating elements. It is possible to determine the humidity of the sauna with an accuracy of one percent.

Combi heaters

    Harvia sauna stones

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    Harvia Block bench model with Cilindro Black Steel heater

    Calculate your sauna volume

    The volume and structures of the sauna affect the selection of heater power. The power requirement increases if there are window surfaces or heat-storing surfaces such as brick, concrete or massive logs in the sauna.

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