The safest, simplest, and most comforting infrared experience

Keeping with the promise of Healing with Heat, Harvia’s portfolio of Infrared solutions are designed to provide penetrating heat that will help you better relax, recover, and rejuvenate.

From ready-made, dedicated Infrared cabins to hybrid cabins that combine a traditional sauna and infrared into one, each of our products are designed with one aim – provide the safest, simplest, and most comforting infrared experience to our customers.

Harvia Ventura Infrared room, heating elements, panels

Infrared solutions

Infrared dry heat provides deep muscle relaxation – ideal for recovery after exercise or strenuous activity. Infrared panels can be installed to create an infrared cabin or combined with traditional sauna designs as featured in Harvia’s hybrid design saunas.

Harvia Infrared devices behind wooden grid

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