Harvia hybrid sauna with The Wall heater

Hybrid Sauna

The modern duo of traditional sauna and infrared technology

Having trouble choosing between traditional sauna with an electric heater and infrared room? Why not have them both in one! You can install our infrared panels into the traditional sauna and control them separately. The slim and sleek design of our infrared panels doesn't require much space, and the panels can be integrated for example, into the backrest of our saunas.

When you need relaxing steam, the heater and stones are within reach. When you need deep and gentle muscle recovery after a long day, you can turn on your infrared panels and enjoy their healing heat.

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Photo: © Secret Sauna

Harvia met Secret Sauna

Harvia spoke with Anna from Secret Sauna, a stunning sauna cabin with a Harvia M3 wood-burning heater on the banks of the River Waveney, England

F1 Driver Valtteri Bottas enjoys his new sauna

Valtteri Bottas enjoys the Legend GreenFlame heater

Valtteri Bottas enjoys his outdoor sauna and Legend heater in Monaco


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