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The heart of the sauna

Be it an electric or a wood-burning heater, steamy or dry, one thing is for sure; it heals you. Harvia’s heaters are your traditional source for modern well-being.

From the beginning, Harvia’s heaters have been forged with quality as a priority.  With over 70 years of craftsmanship, Harvia heaters are reliably built to last. Easy to use, practical, and safe – you are sure to find a fitting heater for your sauna.

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The calculatory sauna volume

The volume and structures of the sauna affect the selection of heater power. The power requirement increases if there are window surfaces or heat-storing surfaces such as brick, concrete or massive logs in the sauna.

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Closeup of the Harvia Legend GreenFlame heater

Harvia GreenFlame wood burning heaters

The renewed GreenFlame fire chamber is part of Harvia’s long-term development work towards clean wood burning and reduction of emissions, where Harvia has a long-term goal of cutting the small particle emissions from wood burning heaters to half.

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Relax after work. Recover after a workout. Start a no-fuss self-care routine by sauna bathing regularly and enjoy the healing heat. You pick the time when you are ready for the sauna.

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