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Backyard paradise

Your own backyard oasis

If you are building your own backyard paradise, why not include a sauna there too? Our outdoor saunas are available in many different sizes and you can customize many of them to suit your own needs. Outdoor saunas can be installed in your home's backyard or at the lake of your cabin. You decide where your healing with heat experience is taking place.

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Harvia Cilindro heater in sauna mancave

A Harvia sauna mancave

A sauna mancave with an incredible view of elite sports cars is, perhaps, every car- and luxury-enthusiast's dream, but it's Jari's reality. Read on to find out more about this incredible sauna in Joensuu, Finland.

Photo: © Secret Sauna

Harvia met Secret Sauna

Harvia spoke with Anna from Secret Sauna, a stunning sauna cabin with a Harvia M3 wood-burning heater on the banks of the River Waveney, England


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