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Cold therapy to treat both your body and mind

Regularly exposing the body to cold water for short periods of time brings several health benefits such as improved immunity, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, speedy recovery from sports, pain relief and activation of brown fat. Typically, this mode of therapy has only been available for professional athletes and people visiting spas and swimming halls - and, of course, people doing ice swimming during the winter. An always-ready cold ice tub is an excellent way to achieve these health benefits. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Harvia Frosty is a cold plunge enabling this healthy practice to be part of your daily routine in the comfort of your own home. Harvia Frosty is always ready to be used and you can easily adjust the water to the desired temperature, the lowest to 4ยฐC.

The oval-shaped Harvia Frosty cold tub comfortably fits 2 people, also enabling a shared moment to take care of your well-being. Harvia Frosty is made of high-quality materials that are safe to use, feel comfortable on the skin, and are easy to maintain. Harvia Frosty always comes with an insulated cover to maintain the desired temperature energy efficiently and improve safety by keeping children out of the ice pool.

We recommend changing the water to the cold tub every 1-3 days, although the same water can be used for up to 14 days if pool chlorine is added.

Harvia Frosty insulated cover

The health benefits of cold therapy

Reduced pain

Cold-water bathing reduces pain. Immersion in cold water tightens the blood vessels, reducing inflammation and pain associated with inflammation. Cold water also blocks nerve cells that signal pain.ย ย 

Abaรฏdia et al., 2017; Angelopoulos et al., 2022; Klich et al., 2018; Kurniasari et al., 2022; Mooventhan et al., 2014; Wang et al., 2021ย 

Improved immunity

Stress from noninfectious stimuli, such as through immersion in cold water, activates the immune system. Regular cold-water bathing can improve immunity over time.ย ย 

Duguรฉ et al., 2000; Janskรฝ et al., 1996; Kox et al., 2014ย 

Reduced stress, improves mood

Giving your body a gentle cold shock improves your mood levels and wellbeing. Cold-water immersion boosts the bodyโ€™s production of norepinephrine. Low levels of norepinephrine are linked to depression.ย ย 

Huttunen et al., 2004; Jedema et al., 2008; Moret et al., 2011; Tryliล„ska-Tekielska et al., 2022ย 

Improved sleep quality

Exposure to cold water before sleep can increase deep sleep, reduce nighttime wakings and improve the quality of sleep. Cold-water immersion reduces pain which interferes with sleep. It also reduces the bodyโ€™s core temperature which helps the body achieve a relaxed state before sleep.ย ย 

Chauvineau et al., 2021ย 

Activates brown fat

Cold activates brown fat. Brown fat can help control blood sugar, improve insulin levels and metabolic health. Regular exposure to cold can increase the amount of brown fat in the body.ย ย 

Blondin et al., 2014; Wouter D. van Marken Lichtenbelt et al., 2009; Yoneshiro et al., 2019ย 

Faster recovery

Recovery after exercise is faster when combined with cold-water bathing. The cold water reduces post-exercise muscle inflammation and fatigue. Where possible, cold-water bathing should be performed immediately post-exercise for maximum benefit.ย 

Brophy-Williams et al., 2011; Peiffer et al.,โ€ฏ2009; Sramek et al.,โ€ฏ2000; Vaile et al.,โ€ฏ2010.ย 

Technical details

harvia frosty


โ€ขCapacity (persons) 1-2

โ€ขFilling volume 500l

โ€ขWater volume 615l

โ€ข Outer length 170cm

โ€ขHeight (basin) 99cm

โ€ขDepth 83cm

โ€ขCold plunge includes insulated cover

โ€ข Product length 170cm (the longest dimension of the pool)

โ€ขProduct width 144cm (Includes cooling device)

โ€ข Product height 99cm

โ€ขNet weight 112kg

โ€ขPackage length 171cm x width 80cm x height 115cm

โ€ขPackage gross weight 135kg

Warranty for 2 years

harvia frosty cooling unit

Cooling unit

โ€ข The temperature can be adjusted to the lowest temperature of +4ยฐC

โ€ข Cooling power 0.7kW (5ยฐC per hour)

โ€ข Refrigerant R410a

โ€ข Digital control unit: Water temperature, target water temperature

โ€ข Electrical connection: 230V/50Hz, equipped with residual current protection

โ€ข 4 rings to facilitate moving

โ€ข 2 sturdy handles for lifting

โ€ข Sound level 52dB(A)

โ€ข Length 60cm x width 41cm x height 42.5cm

โ€ข Weight 48kg

Warranty: Cooling unit 1 year

Are you brave enough to take the first dip in Frosty?

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