Experience steam like never before

The benefits of steam bathing for our body, mind, and soul have been known for a long time, but the possibilities of enjoying a relaxing steam session in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at a time of your own choice have been quite limited. At Harvia our mission is to share the relaxing and healing effects of sauna & spa with the world and to stay true to this mission, we are proud to bring to you the Nova steam shower cabin and the Nova steam shower column.

Harvia Nova Steam Cabin

Harvia Nova Steam Shower Cabin

The Nova steam shower cabin, with its thin frame and nearly full glass body, provides a steam experience, like never seen before. The free-standing cabin with the unique combination of wood, metal, and glass will bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation that you truly deserve. Plus, the overall design of the cabin is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury and modern appeal to any bathroom where it is placed.

Harvia nova steam shower cabin in dark bathroom

Smart technique in a modern package

Just like a good magician cleverly hides how he performs a trick, we have also hidden all the techniques smartly behind the black glass front of the Nova steam shower column, so the only thing that you would see and feel is the magically soft and smooth steam. This soft and smooth steam, together with the carefully integrated chromatherapy solution will ensure that you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated after a brief session in the Nova steam shower cabin.

It's in the details

Every feature and every part of the Nova steam shower cabin and column has been very thoughtfully planned, keeping in mind our users and what they would expect from such a premium solution. And this attention to detail can be seen clearly in the well-crafted and positioned steam scent cup right on top of the steam nozzle. Just put a few drops from one of our specially chosen collections of steam scents and you will get the full benefits of aromatherapy. The specially designed steam nozzle releases the steam with such quietness, that it will make you wonder if the steam technique system is even on.

Harvia Nova Steam Shower column placed in white tiled bathroom with plants and bathsink

Harvia Nova Steam Shower Column

For those looking for more customized options, the Nova steam shower column is a perfect fit. The Nova steam shower column which is the heart and brain of the Nova steam shower cabin is available as a standalone product and can be easily installed in any bathroom. The stand-alone Nova steam shower column gives you full flexibility in terms of the type of steam cabin that you would like to build around it. Choose the walls, roof, and bench as per your liking and you have a personal oasis at home.

Easy to use Harvia Xenio WiFi control panel

Both the Nova steam shower cabin and column can be controlled manually or remotely via Harvia Xenio WiFi control panel and MyHarvia mobile application.

Additional support for chromatherapy

With a separately sold remote control, you can take advantage of the chromatherapy in your Nova Steam shower cabin.

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