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Harvia Ventura sauna cabin

Harvia Ventura sauna cabin

Relax - and enjoy the healing heat of the Harvia Ventura sauna

The streamlined design of the Ventura sauna cabin is pleasing to the eyes and provides the ultimate sauna experience. The Harvia Ventura sauna cabin is our modern flagship sauna cabin with a versatile material selection and an easy-to-assemble structure.

Harvia Ventura sauna cabin
Harvia Ventura sauna cabin in bathroom

Eye-catching design & high-quality materials

The elegant curved design of the Ventura sauna benches is inspired by waterfalls. The light-colored ash was chosen for this sauna because of its strength and durability and because wood grains look naturally beautiful in this material.

Harvia Ventura Sauna cabin

Ultimate convenience & fast-assembly experience

The size of the Ventura sauna cabin is customizable as the depth and width can vary from 1.3m to 2.5m while the height is 2.1m. You can also choose the exterior of the sauna cabin from our wide variety of different wood panels.

The standard Harvia Ventura sauna cabins come in two standard sizes that are 1.6 x 2m and 2 x 2m. The interior of the standard cabins features our signature Ventura panel made of veneered ash wood and the exterior of the standard cabins is made of wide black-stained spruce panels.

The Ventura sauna cabin comes with remote-controlled LED lights (RGBW) that allow you to create your own ambiance for this elegant sauna.

The Harvia Ventura sauna cabin provides you with an extremely fast assembly experience from opening the package to heating up the sauna thanks to the innovative structure.

Harvia Ventura sauna cabin in skyscraper

Innovative construction where safety meets energy efficiency

The silk-printed front glass wall of the Ventura cabin allows you to bathe in natural light and is made of single-pane 8mm tempered Optiwhite glass that stands against the heat and is exceptionally safe for the sauna bather.

The sturdy frame material of the Ventura sauna benches guarantees an enjoyable sauna experience even for a bigger group.

The insulation used in the Ventura sauna cabin is a high-performance 30mm thick PIR insulation board that is equivalent to approximately 60mm conventional rock wool insulation and makes the sauna not just energy efficient but also quick to heat up.

Harvia Ventura benches close up picture

Handcrafted in Finland

All Harvia Ventura sauna cabins are carefully handcrafted in Harvia's sauna factory in Muurame, Finland with over 70 years of experience. All of the cabins go through test assembling before they are delivered to ensure the high quality of the sauna cabins.

The streamlined design of the Ventura cabin fits perfectly together with the Harvia Spirit electric heater equipped with rounded sauna stones but you can freely choose the heater for the Ventura sauna cabin that suits your taste.

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