A safe sauna can also be a cozy sauna

The sauna has changed from a place where to wash, to a wellness area where you can relax and enjoy. The importance of safety is emphasized especially in families with children. Young children often enjoy the warmth of the sauna, as well as adults do, but children rarely feel comfortable sitting in their seats for a long period. In the sauna, it’s a good thing to have guardrails to avoid accidents caused by children’s still little insecure steps.

When designing a sauna it’s important to take into account different users from children to the elderly. It must be ensured that it’s safe to move in the sauna and also adequate lighting is important.

Arto Harvia, Harvia’s Product group manager

To prevent unintentional start-ups of the heater, the heater indicates that it’s on for example with lights. The start-up of the heater is prevented by a child lock or the control panel of the heater is placed out of the reach of children.

The sauna must be maintained in the same way as other home systems, the heater and benches must be maintained regularly. The sauna is designed as a sauna, not as a storage room. Sauna is also a completely wrong place to dry clothes, towels, and other tablecloths. A clothesline made of nylon that has been hung over the heater stretches in a hot sauna and the risk of fire is guaranteed, Harvia reminds.

A properly made and installed guardrail is a safe and beautiful eye-catching element.
A properly made and installed guardrail is a safe and beautiful eye-catching element. The clear and streamlined design of the guardrail is well suited to current sauna trends. Besides, the guardrail brings posture to the sauna and binds the heater to its intended place.

Sauna starts up by the mobile device

The remote start of electric heaters has been increasing both in homes and cottages. Properly installed remote start doesn’t heat the sauna without prior confirmation where the remote start has been put into standby mode. The one who is turning the heater on is responsible for heating the sauna, even if he is not present. Therefore, the door sensor prevents the heater from starting if the door is opened after the check-up.

Harvia’s door sensors together with a compatible control unit remotely start the electric heater and other functions in the sauna room safely. Safety is a key factor in all Harvia products, such as the new Harvia Cilindro and the Wall heaters.

Harvia has expanded from a heater manufacturer to a comprehensive sauna and spa experience maker. Harvia provides everything you need for a sauna, including the design of your dream sauna.

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