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Hot and dry vs. a gentle and steamy sauna?

Some like hot and dry saunas, whereas some prefer softer, gentler and more steam room-like saunas. Both ways of enjoying sauna bathing have their own benefits.

Benefits of a hot and dry sauna

  1. The strong heat of a dry sauna aids recovery after a workout and is a great way to help muscles to relax.

  2. The powerful heat increases the heart rate, much like a cardiovascular workout, and is great for your heart.

  3. Sweating helps remove dead skin cells and is a gentler way to exfoliate than many abrasive exfoliating skin care products. Just make sure that you take a shower and your skin is clean before you enter the sauna – bacteria and sweat combined aren’t good for your skin.

  4. Sweating improves blood flow to the skin, also known as cutaneous circulation.

  5. Sweat from the heat will reduce water retention and increase metabolism– just be sure to keep drinking water to prevent dehydration.

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Benefits of steam and lower heat

  1. For some, the steam and the gentle heat might feel like a more relaxing and therapeutic experience. Not everyone wants to turn a sauna into a competition to see who can outlast others in the 100 degrees Celsius! Well, some Finns do turn sauna into a competition, but more about that later.

  2. Some might find the softer ”löyly” more relaxing and therapeutic. The Wall Combi heater, for example, has a stone cup in which you can add fragrances and essential oils to enhance the experience.

  3. The steam opens pores, which makes it easier to cleanse and helps skin care products penetrate more deeply into the skin.

  4. Steam and humid air cause mucosal secretions and opens up airways, thus relieving asthma and congestion.

  5. Steam and lower heat are a better option for people suffering from rosacea, a skin condition in which blood vessels dilate, causing redness. Rosacea is triggered by sudden heat changes, so for those true fans of sauna we recommend lower heat when sauna bathing.

However, there’s no need to choose between the two. The Wall Combi, has an adjustable integrated steamer for those who prefer the humidity, but can also be used as a traditional sauna heater when the steam function is turned off. It’s a versatile heater that can be adjusted to each’s preference – a handy quality when your sauna companions share different tastes.

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