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How to care for your hair in the sauna

Did you know that sauna heat can be beneficial to your hair growth and quality? Hair stylists will tell you that exposing hair to high heat, such as using straightening irons or curling tongs, can dry out your hair and cause it to become brittle and damaged. In actual fact, the heat of a sauna can promote hair growth and quality. The heat and humidity in the sauna boost blood circulation to the scalp. This means more oxygen and nutrients reach the hair follicles, which results in healthier, stronger hair as well as improved hair growth. Whilst sauna bathing is beneficial to the hair, it’s still important to take some steps to care for hair in hot and humid environments, such as the sauna. We’ve collected a few of our favourite tips from stylists and sauna enthusiasts and shared them with you below. Sources: Sauna From Finland, 2023; Yamada et al., 2008

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Use quality hair care products

Using quality hair care products that hydrate hair after exposure to hot environments is a tip mentioned by many stylists when discussing caring for hair in the sauna. In practical terms, this means making sure you’re using quality shampoo and/or conditioner for your specific hair type after your sauna sessions, and even leave-in conditioner or hydrating oils in between times if needed.

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Protect hair

Protecting hair in the sauna is another way to ensure moisture remains locked into the hair, whilst also helping to regulate your body’s core temperature. Wearing a hair turban or towel over your hair is a simple way to do this. You could also protect your hair using a hair mask. Apply the mask before going to the sauna and rinse off afterwards, according to the mask instructions. 

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Wash hair after sauna bathing

Washing hair after sauna bathing removes sweat build-up and cleanses the scalp. A clean scalp is important as sweat and hair product build-up can clog hair follicles on the scalp and hinder hair growth.

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Do sauna scalp massages

The heat in the sauna stimulates scalp blood flow, and a scalp massage whilst in the sauna can help take advantage of this. The heat and massage stimulate blood vessels in the scalp, improving the delivery of nutrients vital to hair growth.

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Avoid using a hair dryer after sauna bathing

Hair dryers can further contribute to dry, damaged hair, so it’s best to avoid using one straight after sauna bathing. Alternatively, you could consider using the hair dryer’s cool mode, or a diffuser attachment to the hair dryer.

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