Harvia Cilindro heater in sauna mancave

A Harvia sauna mancave

Recently, we met Jari, whose sauna mancave in Joensuu, Finland, has us all turning heads here at Harvia. A sauna mancave with an incredible view of elite sports cars is, perhaps, every car- and luxury enthusiast's dream, but it's Jari's reality. Jari’s combined the healing heat of sauna with his love of cars and entertaining, creating a unique, luxury space in the process. Read on to find out more about this incredible Harvia sauna mancave.

Photo of Jari by his mancave bar, sauna in background

What inspired you to build a sauna mancave?

I've been a car guy since I was young.

I've accumulated several cars, so it was pretty clear that if I build a mancave, it should have a motoring spirit!

It was equally clear that there would also be a sauna in the cave because that is very important to a Finnish guy’s night out, even though the main building already has a Harvia Forte Always Ready heater.

Harvia sauna mancave from inside

Who designed your sauna?

I did the planning along with my designer friend of mine.

Together we went through the feelings, as well as certain details that I wanted.

A local construction company implemented the plans. Construction of the mancave took about a year.

Sauna mancave inside

Why is sauna important to you?

The sauna relaxes, and your thoughts reset when you’re in the sauna. You feel both physically and mentally relaxed after sauna. 

Because everyday life is quite rushed, I have perhaps been to sauna less than I would like to, but I go to the sauna on weekends and even twice a day when I’m on holiday.

On weekdays, such as after working out, it is more convenient to heat the Harvia Forte Always Ready heater in the main building.

Harvia Cilindro heater in sauna mancave

Why did you choose a Harvia Cilindro heater?

Harvia Cilindro is a good-looking heater!

The second sauna in my home already has an Always Ready heater from Harvia, which has worked well.

Harvia's regional sales manager helped in choosing the heater.

Outdoor jacuzzi with sauna mancave view in background

Apart from a great sauna, what else does your mancave have inside it?

The cave is in the basement of my home in Joensuu, Finland. It has a bar, a wine cellar, formula simulator and a fitness room. You can taste wines in addition to other sauna drinks and toll my motor vehicles, whether it's a motorcycle, an old car from the 50s or a new sports car.

You can also view the Pielisjoki river from the sauna. There is an indoor jacuzzi connected to the smaller sauna in the main building and an outdoor jacuzzi in front of the mancave.

Harvia sauna mancave from inside

Harvia sauna mancave

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