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Different heater types - something for every taste

The sauna experience is continually adapting to respond to global wellness trends. Harvia's heater options are designed to enhance the experience of all sauna types and all sauna users.

Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame environmentally friendly heater

Wood-burning heaters

At first, there were flames. Wood-burning heaters are the most traditional and arguably the most atmospheric heater choice. With wood-burning heater you insert actual firewood into the fire chamber of the heater, which is then lit up. The flames in the fire chamber will warm up the heater stones, on which you then throw water to enjoy the gentle healing heat coming from the steam.

Harvia’s wood-burning options have come a long way since the first model in the 1950s, but the flame has not died out to this day. Wood-burning heaters are still the choice of many, and with new technologies that allow cleaner burning, such as our GreenFlame models, they are also a more sustainable choice than ever before.

Would you like a heater with Scandinavian design and straight lines, such as the Linear 22, or would you like it to be an open design that shows the whole stone capacity? Find out more about Harvia's wood-burning heaters here.

Harvia Legend XE and MyHarvia app

Electric heaters

Feel electrified. Nowadays the most popular heater option is an electric one. Electric heaters draw power from the electricity network to heat up the heating elements of the heater. The heating elements are surrounded by heater stones, which will warm up once you’ve turned the heater on. Remember to use an appropriately sized and powered heater for your sauna to reach a temperature that gets the room hot enough! The right temperature is of course up to you, but for wattage recommendations for specific room sizes you can check out our heater product pages.

There are various options available for the controlling of your electric heater. The traditional electric heaters include manual switches for a thermostat and a timer, while newer models can often be connected to separate control units and control panels, from which you can turn on the heater and adjust any specific settings, such as the power of the heater. If you want your sauna to be as quiet as possible, choose a model with a separate control unit, and place it far enough from your sauna.

With Harvia’s electric heaters you get an easy user experience with versatile possibilities. With modern control units, using electric heaters is even more effortless, and you can even preheat your sauna from afar with the MyHarvia mobile application.

One option you have for electric heaters is the Harvia Forte Ever-ready heater. The Harvia Forte is essentially a heater, that is constantly on at a low temperature and can be heated to a hot temperature in a mere minutes. You can jump into a relaxing sauna whenever you want, without needing to plan it too much.

Find out more about Harvia's electric heater models here.

Harvia Olympus indoor sauna with Virta Combi heater

Combi heaters

A heater and some steam make a great team, so why not bring out the most of them with Harvia’s combi heaters?

Combi heaters combine the generous steam of a steam room with the warming heater stones of an electric heater. You can adjust the humidity and the amount of heat provided by the heater to match your personal preference: higher levels of humidity combined with lower heat creates a soft and gentle sauna experience, while higher heat with low humidity leads to a dryer and hotter experience.

With combi models you get the capacities of an electric heater with the additional possibilities of an integrated steamer and dedicated options for the use of herbs and fragrances. Aromatic experiences add a whole new side of the sauna, if you feel like the atmosphere coming from the generous amounts of steam is not enough itself. If versatility is what you seek, we advise to opt for a combi version of one of our popular heaters, such as the Virta.

Harvia Glow heater embedded in the benches

Small & big heaters

David or Goliath? As we know from the classic story, size may not always mean everything. When it comes to heaters, though, the size does play an important role for achieving the best sauna experience.

Not all saunas are built the same, and one especially important aspect you must take note of is the size of the sauna. One of the most common mistakes in choosing a heater is going for an option that is too small for the room. We have made solving this possibly difficult task easy for you, as you can use our convenient Harvia sauna calculator to figure out the right heater for your sauna size.

Harvia Legend Pro heater in a hybrid sauna

Home & Commercial use

Home is where your sauna is. In sauna, everyone can feel comfortable surrounded by healing heat. In Finland, saunas are a common thing to have in your very own home. However, public saunas are also common and often exist in different environments, such as hotels, spas, or gyms. It is estimated that there are closer to three million saunas in Finland.

In your own home you can adjust your sauna at least on some level depending on your own liking. Knowing the importance of sauna to those who frequent it, it is also crucial for commercial users to make their saunas feel like a second home for the users. With the familiarity provided by Harvia’s heaters, this is an easy task. Harvia’s control units allow you to also adjust your commercial sauna easily to just the right levels for your customers.

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