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Harvia Sauna Scents – Activate your senses and lift the sauna atmosphere

Rarely do we realize the versatility with which the sauna pampers our body and activates our senses. The sound of water hitting the hot heater stones creates a relaxing sigh, the warm steam rising from the heater feels soft on the skin, and the cold drink enjoyed on the sauna benches complements the experience. These are all good examples of extensive sensory activation in the sauna. In addition, sauna scents play an important role in creating a complete sauna experience, and at their best, scents leave the sauna user with an eternal imprint of a particular sauna session. Harvia's versatile range of sauna scents brings the senses to life and creates the perfect sauna experience. The sauna scents by Harvia create an atmosphere that provides wonderfully indulgent sauna experiences. With these Harvia sauna scents, you can create just the kind of atmosphere you want in your sauna. Are you in the mood for fresh peppermint or eucalyptus to open up your airways? Or perhaps you would like to feel the relaxing atmosphere of a summertime cottage sauna? Then choose the enticing scent of Finnish midsummer birch, traditional tar, or a calming pine forest. Mix your sauna water with the sauna scent of your dreams. Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in the heat and the fragrance wafting through your sauna.

Harvia eucalyptus sauna scents

Harvia sauna scent bottle designs are renewed - cooperation with a long-term partner continues

Harvia's sauna scent bottles have been renewed in early 2022. Scents, made in Finland are manufactured by a Finnish family company Kiilto with more than 25 years of experience in Central Finland. The scents are responsibly manufactured unclassified products and therefore do not contain any warning signs.

With the renewal, the bottle size of the scents will change to 400 milliliters. Our customers' favorite scents remain the same compared to the current 500 milliliter bottles. Discontinued apple and lemon scents selection are replaced by a tar scent, which takes the sauna bather into the traditional Finnish sauna experience. The selection of new 400 ml sauna fragrances consists of the following fragrances: eucalyptus, peppermint, birch, pine and tar.

Five options to choose from to lift the sauna atmosphere

The refreshing scent of eucalyptus balances the mind, relaxes, and opens up the airways. Harvia eucalyptus sauna scent fills the sauna room with a natural, fresh and breath-activating scent. With the Eucalyptus sauna scent, you create an authentic spa atmosphere in your home sauna.

Harvia birch scent is a combination of summer sauna atmosphere and a birch forest in a bottled form. The scent gives the sauna bather a green and sensual aromatic atmosphere to liven up the sauna experience. With this scent you will enjoy the fresh birch scent in your sauna all year round.

Are you desiring a refreshing and invigorating sauna moment in your home sauna? In that case, Harvia peppermint is a great choice for a sauna scent. The fresh peppermint sauna scent is also ideal for enjoyable sauna moments after outdoor activities or sports, as peppermint brings refreshment to a tired body.

The scent of pine takes the sauna bather to the middle of the Nordic pine forest. The scent conveys the best aspects of a summer pine forest - rich scents, a relaxed atmosphere and silence. Apply the scent of Harvia pine to your steam water and enjoy the relaxing and soothing atmosphere of the pine forest in your home sauna.

Tar is a traditional Finnish sauna scent. Tar has been used as a scent throughout the ages especially in Finnish skin care products, and has a strong position as a traditional fragrance. Harvia tar scent combines aged mysticism with the soft scent of Finnish smoke sauna, which brings an authentic sauna atmosphere and sensual fragrance to the home sauna bather.

Harvia pine sauna scents

Harvia Sauna Scents

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