Man with adjusting MyHarvia app while jogging

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Harvia launches a new WiFi solution together with the MyHarvia mobile app for safe and handy remote controlling of your sauna. The solution offers suitable remote-control options for both new and old saunas.

Enjoy the freedom with easy-to-use MyHarvia mobile App

Controlling the sauna remotely saves time and energy. The mobile app shows you in real time when your sauna has reached the desired temperature and is ready for you – enjoy the healing effects of heat whenever you want.

Man with adjusting MyHarvia app while jogging

Digitalization is also moving into the sauna. Remote control with a mobile app will have sauna functionalities at the ready, easily, and quickly available whether you are fishing or out exercising. The user experience is also better than before because the app can easily be used to give tips to the user on different functionalities and in future also give tips on how to make your sauna experience even more enjoyable.

Arto Harvia, Product Group Manager at Harvia

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You remote control your sauna with the easy-to-use and multi-function MyHarvia mobile app, with which, depending on the Harvia equipment connected to it, you can control the temperature and humidity of the sauna, lighting, air conditioning and timer functions. The MyHarvia mobile app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Safety is key when remotely turning on the sauna

For Harvia, safety has always played a key role in product development and the usage of the products.

The starting point of Harvia’s product development has always been that the products must be safe and easy to use. In recent years, Harvia has focused especially on the safety of controlling and using the sauna. Various safety devices, such as door sensors, are used to remotely control your sauna. With the easy-to-use MyHarvia mobile app, you can safely switch your sauna on at any time and from anywhere.

The safest solution for remotely controlling the heater and the entire sauna room in home use is a door sensor, which requires that the sauna door is shut in order to enable activation.

For example, in families with children, the children may play in the sauna room, leave unsuitable things there that can cause a fire hazard and the door to the sauna may be left open. The door sensor helps avoid these types of situations as the user must check the sauna room when activating the remote control and door sensor. If the door is open, the sauna room cannot be controlled remotely and the MyHarvia mobile app notifies the user of the failure. Thus, it is always safe to control the sauna remotely. Harvia’s solution fully meets the safety requirements of the European electric heater standard (SFS-EN 60335-1 & 60335-2-53), which is important to consider when purchasing a solution for remote control, says Harvia.

The first WiFi sauna control solutions controllable with the MyHarvia mobile app will be launched during spring 2021.

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