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detail of The Wall Combi heater

The Wall Combi heater
with a steaming function for gentle and humid sauna

This heater has been designed for those who appreciate humid sauna bathing and ambience provided by the sauna scents. Having sauna with a Wall Combi heater with an integrated steaming function is a multi-sensory experience with a versatility that cannot be compared. One heater provides multiple ways of enjoying sauna. The Wall Combi heater adapts to your personal, friendsโ€™ and familyโ€™s sauna preferences. Enjoy sauna just the way you like it.

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Enjoy steady humidity

The Wall Combi sauna heater is a new heater equipped with a steamer in the wall heater range, which has become a Harvia product family in its own right. The integrated steamer of the Wall Combi heater generates and maintains steady humidityย in the sauna โ€“ with precision down to the percentage. The steam makes the sauna heat more pleasant, providing a soft and humid bathing experience. You can add fragrances to the stone cup of the sauna heater.

Soft and gentle sauna

Add water to the steamer and set the temperature to a lower level eg. 50-60 degrees of Celsius. Enjoy soft and gentle feeling provided by high humidity and lower temperature. You can enjoy sauna longer and relax in conditions that suit you the best. You can add fragances to the stone cup of the heater to enhance the ambience.

Combined sauna

When the steamer is on you can adjust the humidity to the level that suits you the best. If you prefer moderate warmth, adjust the temperature to 60-80 degrees. You can also throw water to the stones whenever you feel in order to enhance the sensation of moisture and warmth.

Hot Sauna

Use the Wall Combi heater without the steaming function like an ordinary electric sauna heater. You can set the temperature higher, for example to 80-100 degrees Celsius, and throw water to the stones as much as it suits you. At this temperature setting, the air in the sauna room may be dryer and hotter.

Detail of the Harvia The Wall Combi heater

Humidity precisely to your preference

With the Wall Combi and the control panel of your choice, you can adjust the humidity in the sauna room precisely to your preference. The design features separate heating elements in the water tank that work independently, so that you can adjust the humidity and the temperature of the heater separately. The heater is wall-mounted and takes up little space, so you can have a gentle and humid bathing experience, even in a small sauna. The Wall Combi heater requires a separate control unit that controls both the heater and the steamer and makes the heater user-friendly. Also, sauna and user-specific settings are possible. The Wall Combi heaterโ€™s steam can be adjusted with the control unit regardless of the temperature of the heater.