Piling the heater stones

The easy guide to looking after your sauna stones

When it comes to looking after your sauna you might be thinking about cleaning the benches, re-oiling the wooden surfaces or updating your heater. But you might not have thought about checking your sauna stones. Well-maintained sauna stones are important for the sauna experience, energy consumption and safety. A safe sauna is an enjoyable experience and has many health benefits, from lowered cardiovascular disease to better sleep. This article will give you the best advice on how to check your sauna stones, how to know when they need replacing, and what sauna stones are right for your sauna and heater model.

Stones from nature

Why shouldn’t you collect sauna stones from nature yourself?

All Harvia stones are carefully selected by experts and tested by the Geological Survey of Finland and found to be safe and well-suited for use in a sauna.

Many stone types are unsuitable for use in a sauna because they contain dangerous toxins and/or do not withstand large temperature fluctuations.

Finding stones from nature that are safe to use is not a simple task, particularly if you are not trained to recognise stone type and quality, and subsequently test stones in a controlled environment before using them in a sauna.

Here at Harvia, our stones are thoroughly tested and quality-controlled to provide you with an energy-efficient, enjoyable sauna experience.

All stones will break down over time, which is why we recommend you maintain your sauna stones at least once a year, and more often if you notice stone residue or small pieces of stones on the floor beneath your sauna heater. We’ve put together some quick tips on sauna maintenance in this article.

Piling stones to The Wall heater

How to check sauna stones

Checking your sauna stones is simple. As a rule, you should check your sauna stones at least once a year. If you notice pieces of broken stones beneath the heater, it’s recommended you check your stones more often.

First, ensure the heater is cool and turned off before beginning maintenance. You can then remove all the stones from the heater.

This is straightforward and simply requires some time, more if you have a heater with a generous amount of stones, such as the Harvia Cilindro and Harvia Legend. Clean sauna stones in good condition are vital for the best sauna löyly as well as for a safe sauna experience.

Removing the stones also allows you to inspect the elements of the heater. If you notice any discolouration or buildup of limescale on the heater elements or frame, it’s time to consider replacing the heater and/or ensuring the heater is being used correctly, according to instructions.

Next, discard any stones that crumble or are discoloured.

Recycle the stones according to the sorting instructions in your area or use them in your garden if you have one. Tap sauna stones together to check the stone strength. This is an important step, as grit from broken stones can damage the sauna heater.

Sauna stones that are broken can shift into smaller cavities in the heater body and become too tightly packed. This restricts air flow within and from the heater which can cause the heater elements to heat up too much and the sauna to heat up slower.

Overheated sauna elements can cause the heater to break, inefficient sauna heating and even a fire.

Piling the heater stones

How do you know it’s time to replace your sauna stones?

If your sauna stones break or crumble or are discoloured, they should be discarded and replaced. Sometimes you may notice broken pieces of stones beneath the heater. This is a good indication that it’s time to check the condition of the stones and, quite possibly, remove and replace some.

Before restacking sauna stones into the heater, wash and allow the stones to dry.

What sauna stones are right for your sauna and heater model?

Harvia offers a variety of sauna stone sizes, types and shapes. Your design preferences, sauna experience expectations and heater model will guide your choice of sauna stone type.

Some heaters, such as the Harvia Spirit heater, require round stones. Other heaters, such as those in commercial saunas, require specially heat-treated stones that are more durable for heavy usage.

It’s important to ensure you have the right amount of stones in your heater. Follow your heater’s guidelines for instructions. Overloading the heater with too many stones can prevent good airflow within the heater and overheating of the elements. Too few stones will not provide you with the best sauna experience.

How to replace your sauna stones

It's time to replace your sauna stones! This short video offers helpful tips on how to make the process run smoothly so you can get back to enjoying your sauna in no time!

Harvia heater stones

From olivine diabase to black vulcanite, Harvia offers a range of sauna stones to suit all saunas and preferences.

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