The Harvia SmartFold 2.0 makes sauna bathing more accessible

The Harvia SmartFold 2.0 is an innovative sauna that fits neatly into practically every space. With its intelligent design and engineering, this foldable sauna looks and feels luxurious and significantly saves floor space compared to conventional saunas. Because of its purpose-built features, the Harvia SmartFold 2.0 is not only space-saving, but wheelchair-accessible, making sauna bathing possible for more people than ever before. The sauna features the Harvia Delta electric heater, specially designed to provide an excellent sauna experience in compact spaces. The sauna heater can be installed without the need for an electrician and features high-quality insulation for energy-efficient sauna sessions. Read on to find out more about this space wonder sauna.

Foldable benches for accessibility

The elegant, stained spruce wood benches of the Harvia SmartFold 2.0 can be folded in an upright position against the walls of the sauna.

Folding away the benches increases the useable space within the sauna and enables a wheelchair user to enjoy the health benefits of the sauna heat.

The benches are lightweight and lockable in an upright position, requiring a wheelchair user to have minimal assistance to do so. This clever engineering also makes it easy to look after the sauna, as all parts of the sauna can be uncovered and maintained.

Specially designed sauna heater for space efficiency

The Harvia Delta electric heater is a compact sauna heater, specially designed for small spaces.

This neat heater has a modest heat output of 3.6kW, which is perfect for the compact space inside the Harvia SmartFold 2.0. Small but mighty, this clever heater heats up the sauna quickly and efficiently, so you’re not left waiting long before enjoying some healing with heat! The high-quality insulation within the sauna walls and two glass doors with magnetic closing seal ensure energy efficiency and money savings whilst you relax and enjoy your sauna session.

In-built features for safety and ease of installation

The Harvia SmartFold 2.0 has a special in-built safety feature which ensures the sauna heater can only be turned on when the sauna structure is fully open. The heater is controlled by a separate control panel, located inside of the sauna structure. This panel will not operate unless the sauna structure is open.

The sauna is also easy and cost-effective to install as it does not require an electrician to install the heater. Instead, the heater is connected via a plug to the grounded outlet in the bathroom.

Harvia SmartFold 2.0

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Harvia benches are sustainably sourced
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Harvia uses sustainably sourced wood in sauna production

Harvia sources wood for our sauna production from sustainable sources and follows principles of known PEFC and FSC -standards.

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