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Harvia Xenio WiFi remote control

The modern and stylish Harvia Xenio WiFi is a sauna control panel that you can connect to the Harvia Xenio control unit. The control panel can be connected to a wireless LAN, after which you can enjoy wireless functions with the MyHarvia mobile application. The MyHarvia mobile application enables the remote control of functions on the control panel, such as temperature and humidity control, lighting and ventilation, temperature calibration, memory function in case of power outages, timed starting and use of the week timer. The features vary depending on the devices attached to the system. Harvia Xenio WiFi enables a variety of installation options and can also be easily installed afterwards to replace the old control panel. We recommend that you place the control panel near the sauna door as a surface installation or embedded into the wall. The control panel enables easy and clear sauna control. You can start and adjust the sauna temperature with the control panel buttons. The illuminated buttons on the display make it easy to use even in low lighting conditions. Follow your sauna’s status with the MyHarvia mobile application or on the control panel’s digital display. The door sensor of the sauna’s remote starting status can be activated straight from the control panel. Learn more about the free MyHarvia application in Google Play or Apple App Store!

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Mobile control

  • A remote control package for Harvia Xenio control units, which allow the WiFi remote use of the sauna. ETL certifield sauna product is always safe and reliable.
  • Enjoy the wireless experience with Xenio WiFi control. Connect the control panel to the local WiFi network and control your sauna’s functions with the MyHarvia application.
  • Using the MyHarvia application, you can control various functions, such as the sauna temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation. The features vary depending on the device attached to the system. Learn more about the free MyHarvia application in Google Play or App Store!
  • The advanced functions make it easier to use the sauna daily and give you many new options. For example, select the time when you want to go in the sauna, and MyHarvia will tell you when it is ready. Always see your sauna’s status on your phone.
  • The Xenio WiFi accessory package also enables easy installation into an existing control unit. Read more about compatible control units: https://mediabank.harvia.com/catalog/Harvia/r/3037
  • MyHarvia ensures that you always have the latest software version. The Xenio WiFi control panel can be updated through the MyHarvia application, giving you access to the latest features and improved functions.
  • You need Xenio remote kit compatible control unit, like: Harvia Xenio CX170, Xenio CX30, Xenio CX45, Xenio Combi CX30C and you get complete remote access to your sauna control units.
  • Remote kit inc. Xenio WiFi control panel which can be easily replaced with the current control panel
  • Learn more about the free MyHarvia application in Google Play or Apple App Store!

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