Hravia glass door bronze, alder frame

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Glass door Harvia bronze 7x19 alder frame

Harvia glass door is a good door choice when water resistance and durability are needed. The selection is wide and there are multiple choices of colors, sizes and different frame materials. Thanks to the door seal, the heat remains inside the sauna and does not leak to the bathroom. The door also closes smoothly. The door glass color options are clear, gray, bronze and satin. Frame materials are pine, aspen, alder and aluminum in gray, black or white color. The door handle is a chromed knob. Alternative handle option is a long vertical wooden handle in aspen, alder, heat treated aspen or black painted alder. Door sizes 8x21 and 9x21 are recommended for use in household and laundry room doors. The satin glass door is very suitable as a connecting door, as its matte surface prevents visibility between the rooms. When installed as a connecting door, the door frame is set few centimeters above the floor.

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