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Vitae Full spectrum infrared radiator 500 W

Harvia full spectrum infrared radiators are an excellent choice for all infrared cabins and hybrid saunas. The Infrared radiators produce warmth that feels like gentle summer sunshine. You can adjust the temperature to your liking to an accuracy of one degree Celsius. Harvia’s innovative infrared technology and top design create a luxurious way for you to become relaxed, clean and energized amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The revolutionary infrared radiators suit the style of any sauna design. Harvia’s infrared radiators can also be used in a modern hybrid sauna. The caressing power of the infrared is most effective when focused on the spine area. Harvia recommends that you choose the backrest that best suits the design of your infrared sauna from Harvia's extensive selection for those relaxing sauna experiences. Content of delivery: Infrared radiator, supply cable with quick connector.

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  • Full spectrum infrared radiator designed to be used either in a dedicated Infrared sauna cabin or a hybrid sauna cabin (Infrared and electric heater in same cabin)
  • Ready to be used nearly instantly after switching on
  • Large infrared panels to cover more body area and uniform heat distribution, due to built-in reflector
  • Heat resistant glass ceramic cover
  • Intrinsically safe, due to built-in high temperature protection technology
  • Built-in thermostat to ensure maximum safety.
  • Suitable for vertical as well as horizontal installation
  • Made in Europe

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