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  • Harvia Forte USA, Ventura
  • Harvia Forte, USA

Electric heater with digital controller | Forte

Electric heater Harvia Forte AF65 6,5 kW 240V Steel

The always-ready Finnish Harvia Forte heater provides you with a perfect moment of relaxation in no time at all to punctuate your hectic schedule. The Forte is Harvia’s innovative version of the heat-storing electric heater, combining top-of-the-range heater technology with a sleek design. Just grab a towel, lift the Forte’s cover and climb onto the bench to enjoy humid and gentle steam. Welcome to a stress-free zone 24/7. The Forte is equipped with a separate splash-Proof control panel. Thanks to the separate control panel, the Forte is extremely well-suited for being embedded into a bench. The Forte’s new Properties provide family saunas with a sense of safety. The heater will turn off automatically if you forget to close the cover, and the control panel has a keypad lock. The new ECO mode saves electricity, as it allows you to adjust the heater’s temperature to a very low setting without turning off the heater.

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Perfect sauna enjoyment 24/7

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