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Electric heater manual | Vega

Electric heater Harvia Vega Compact R 1,9 kW 120/240 V

VEGA COMPACT RThe Harvia Vega Compact R is a true powerhouse heater for small saunas. The heater’s operating switches are located near the top of the heater, making the heater easy and ergonomic to use. The Vega Compact R can be installed particularly low on the sauna wall. This allows the heat to spread evenly throughout the sauna, ensuring that the lower benches also enjoy plenty of heat. The Vega Compact R is easy to install. Just install the wall rack, lift the heater onto it and secure it in place with one screw. The heater is made of stainless steel.The Vega Compact R models are equipped with a built-in control unit.

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