Harvia steam generator HGX XW

Steam generator EE | HGX

Steam generator Harvia HGX110XW 10.8 kW WiFi

Harvia steam generators are a source of well-being and relaxation. Create an atmosphere in your home or at your spa that will let the warm steam caress your senses. The soft and gentle steam provided by Harvia steam generator creates a feeling of indulgence and relaxation, honed over by our decades of experience. Harvia XW steam generators come with built-in support for MyHarvia, which means you can switch on your steam generator remotely and follow the steam rooms temperature directly from your mobile device.

Item number Harvia
Electrical number (STK)

Relaxing steam experience, at home or spa

  • Soft and gentle steam at the touch of a button
  • Start your steam generator remotely using MyHarvia mobile application
  • Stylish touch-screen control panel that can also control fragrance pump, lighting and fan
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Integrated sediment cup to collect water impurities that fall on the bottom of the water container.
  • Small size enabling installation in a low space, for example on top of a steam cabin

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