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Electric heater Harvia Modulo Modulo MDS180GR 16 kW. Steel

Harvia Modulo has been designed to tolerate and provide fantastic heat and steam. The sleek design and open stone surface of Modulo create an impressive sight. Modulo is a trailblazer product by the world’s largest sauna heater manufacturer and a modern sauna decorator’s choice. Harvia Modulo heaters are easy to install. The heating elements are separated from the stones, which results in a long heating element life span. Replacing a heating element is a quick and easy task, as you can just pull out the entire heating element module. Other maintenance measures were also taken into account in the heaters’ design from the very start. All heaters can be equipped with a safety railing and a protective glass sheath. A protective glass sheath is not only stylish but also prevents water from splashing around the heater.

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A sturdy floor-mounted sauna heater for professional use

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