Harvia Cilindro, Black Steel

Electric heater E | Cilindro

Electric heater Harvia Cilindro PC60E 5,5 kW 200VAC BlackSteel (PSE), Special h. elements

The Harvia Cilindro electric heater contains a massive amount of stones. Thanks to the grate-like outer shell, each user can adjust the nature of the steam: soft when throwing water onto the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar. The Cilindro is impressive to both look at and experience. The code E, on the other hand, refers to sauna heater models controlled by a separate control unit.

Item number Harvia
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Harvia's most versatile family of pillar heaters for top-quality sauna experiences.

  • Floor mounted electric sauna heater
  • Specially designed for Japan market area. PSE certified
  • Special heating elements to a very hot sauna

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