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Protective sheath Harvia Legend black

A protective sheath for a Harvia Legend heater means you can place it safely closer to the wall or benches. The protective sheath can also shield, for example, glass walls and wooden surfaces from water splashes, making sauna maintenance easier. You can also install two protective sheaths on your Legend sauna heater. One protective sheath is enough for a corner installation, protecting a third of the heater, whereas if you use two of them it is safe to have a heater between two benches facing each other. Two protective sheaths cover two thirds of the heater. The protective sheath is quick and easy to retrofit. The design and stylish black of the Harvia Legend protective sheath make the Legend product family uniform and even more impressive. The protective sheath is powder-coated, making it easy to clean. A Harvia Legend protective sheath guarantees a safe sauna experience.

Item number Harvia
Electrical number (STK)

  • Protective sheath for Harvia Legend sauna heaters
  • Color: Black
  • Allows a Legend heater to be installed in a smaller space
  • Protects the walls and benches. Prevents water splashes onto glass walls.
  • One or more protective sheaths can be installed around the same heater
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to the powder-coated surface
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Harvia Legend

Enjoy Harvia Legend’s gentle steam bath in compact size!

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