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Electric heater Harvia The Wall SW80 8,0 kW Steel

Harvia The Wall heater boasts a clean, streamlined design that reflects Scandinavian minimalism. Despite its output of up to 9 kW, The Wall requires only little space inside the sauna. This heater was created with a focus on functionality. The heater can be installed in both left and right-handed directions. Ergonomic and illuminated operating switches are visible and simple to use even in dimly lit saunas. The Wall’s structures and material are strong and durable. Its heating elements have their own support structure to protect them, preventing them from twisting and thus extending their lifespan. Components are located at the bottom of the heater to protect them from heat and moisture. The heating element’s structure is designed to withstand Prolonged, efficient heating. The unique Harvia mounting/wall rack included in the delivery determines the minimum safety distance between the heater and the floor. Installation of the heater is quick and easy.

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Easy-to-use wall-mounted heater

  • Compact, stylish and reliable heater for medium-sized sauna rooms
  • The space-saving heater fits in a great variety of saunas
  • Illuminated operating switches
  • Option to choose right and lefthanded installation
  • Option to integrate heater in the sauna bench
  • Durable structure and technical features extend heaters lifespan
  • Smart design enables sturdy structure and steady warmth
  • Quick and easy installation

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Please check the product manual for updated information before use.

The Wall

Harvia’s The Wall heater combines minimalistic Scandinavian design with user-friendly installation and operation. Heater is easy to install and its long-lasting structure will make it a great heater for a modern sauna. All this is included in compact and stylish The Wall heater.

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