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Electric heater manual | The Wall

Electric heater Harvia The Wall SW80 8,0 kW 240V 1ph Steel

Harvia The Wall electric heater for medium-sized sauna rooms combines minimalistic Scandinavian design and user-friendly operation with top quality. The Wall is a compact, stylish, and reliable ensemble, that is suitable for various types of sauna interiors. The heater's stylish shiny surface provides a modern touch for your sauna. With the illuminated and easy-to-use control switches you can adjust the heater's temperature and timer to start whenever you need it ready - such as after an exercise session or a workday. The heater can be installed in both left and right-handed directions. The practical form provides more flexibility when designing a sauna interior, for example, The Wall can be integrated in the sauna bench. Long service life is guaranteed by high quality materials and a smart, sturdy structure. Extra-long heating elements will last longer and transfer heat more smoothly to the stones and sauna room. The Wall heater's design allows improved air circulation making the sauna room's temperature more consistent, so that you can enjoy steady warmth. The unique Harvia mounting/wall rack included in the delivery determines the minimum safety distance between the heater and the floor. Installing the heater is quick and easy.

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  • Compact, stylish and reliable heater for medium-sized sauna rooms
  • Stylish shiny surface provides a modern touch
  • Easy-to-use illuminated operating switches
  • Option to choose right or left-handed installation
  • Durable structure and technical features extend the heater's lifespan
  • Smart design enables air circulation and steady warmth
  • Option to integrate heater in the sauna bench
  • Finish the installation with an optional illuminated wall
  • Quick and easy installation

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