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Electric heater Qube Pro 360 30-36 kW

The stone space of the stylish Qube Pro sauna heater is surrounded by brushed steel, and the bottom is graphite black. Qube Pro’s appearance allows you to place it any way you wish in your sauna – all of the heater’s sides can be left visible. The design of the elegant outer surface utilises triple-wall technology, which keeps the temperature of the heater’s outer wall as low as any domestic appliance even while the heater is on. The long-lasting Qube Pro is designed for professional use and will keep its clean appearance even in heavy-duty use. The bottom plate of the heater collects all stone chips that fall down from the stone space, keeping the sauna room clean and elegant at all times. Comfort of use: The innovative design solutions also improve the comfort of use. The Qube Pro heaters are simple to maintain, because their stone space has been separated from the heating elements. The separate stone space allows for the heating elements to be maintained without the need to replace the stones. The structure also protects the heating elements from excess water and the weight of the stones, thereby extending the heating elements’ lifespan. A detachable junction box makes the installation and maintenance of the heater quick and easy.

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For professional sauna bathing

  • Exterior parts in brushed and powder-coated stainless steel
  • Interior parts made of stainless steel
  • Easy to service due to detachable connection box
  • 3-coating technology
  • Adjustable feet
  • Optional: • Bracket set for railing • Wooden ring (lime or walnut)

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