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The basic layout of the Harvia Variant sauna is ample and provides you with the opportunity for a variety of different arrangements. The Variant sauna is also the most flexible of Harvia’s sauna designs: you have four options (spruce, aspen, alder and heat-treated aspen) for wall and ceiling panelling, and you can choose the windows and the tone of the doors that best match your personal taste. You can choose the interior design of your Variant sauna fromHarvia’s two stylish alternatives: Formula or Exclusive Air. A Variant sauna is completely insulated and, therefore, very energy efficient. Metallic corner pieces on the corners of the fascia board give your sauna a distinctive look. In Harvia Variant sauna you find the cozy, relaxed atmosphere of the original Finnish sauna. The benches and sauna interior are ergonomically designed and follow original Finnish sauna traditions. High-quality bench design and soft sauna lighting guarantee your enjoyment.

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