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Sauna accessory Harvia by Luhta sauna seat cover set 45x50ย cm gray

Harvia by Luhta bench towels are made of high-quality waffle linen cotton that feels pleasant on the skin and gives the bench towels a modern, rugged look. Harvia by Luhta bench towels provide a beautiful cover for sauna benches, protecting both the benches and sauna bathers. The package includes two bench towels that seat one person each. The simply stylish and timeless design completes the look of your sauna. Regardless of the temperature and humidity level, Harvia by Luhta sauna textiles always feel pleasant on the skin. 45x50 cm (2 pcs), 75 % cotton, 25 % linen. Wash in 60ยฐ C

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Complete your sauna experience with a functional and stylish sauna textile