Harvia Infrared Radiator Basic SACP2303P

Infrared radiator | Comfort

Infrared radiator Harvia Basic 400 W black

The Harvia Basic infrared radiator brings gentle heat to your infrared cabin. The infrared radiator is easy to install and its flock-coated surface is comfortable and safe. The core of the infrared radiator is a tube-type heating element specially designed for Harvia infrared cabins. Content of delivery: Infrared radiator

Item number Harvia
Room volume

A gentle heat source for infrared cabin

  • Infrared C radiator designed to be used in a dedicated Infrared sauna cabin
  • Ready to be used nearly instantly after switching on
  • Uniform heat distribution, due to built-in reflector
  • Heat resistant glass ceramic cover
  • Built-in ventilation slots to ensure maximum safety
  • Made in Europe