Harvia Autodose, Harvia Virta
  • Harvia Autodose, Harvia Virta
  • Harvia Autodose Design Pipe, Harvia Virta
  • Harvia Autodose, Harvia Virta, Harvia Ventura
  • Harvia Autodose SASL1

Control unit accessory

Autodose steam automat

Harvia Autodose – forget the bucket and ladle, here comes an automated water dispenser. Just relax and press a button to apply water onto the stones – with or without a fragrance. Spa saunas benefit from the even air humidity and the simplified apProach to throwing sauna water. The Autodose water dispenser applies water and a water-fragrance mixture onto the heated stones of the heater. The device works either automatically at defined intervals or at the press of a button. Autodose also serves as an automatic conversation piece, as the device usually elicits a ‘Wow!’ reaction from co-bathers.

The product includes a nozzle for the end of the water pipe. The water pipe must be purchased separately.

Item number Harvia
Electrical number (STK)

Just relax and let the dispenser take care of throwing water onto the stones

  • Automated water dispenser for sauna heaters
  • Includes a control unit, an operating button for water and fragrances and a nozzle. The water pipe must be purchased separately.
  • Automatic and manual function
  • Suitable for sauna scents
  • A Pure water mode and a sauna scent mode

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