Harvia Legend Firewood Basket SASPO102
  • Harvia Legend Firewood Basket SASPO102
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  • Harvia Legend Firewood Basket

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Sauna accessory Harvia Legend firewood basket

The Harvia Legend firewood basket is an elegant combination of wood and metallic details. The firewood basket is a traditional way to carry firewood from the shed to the sauna. The bucket has a wooden handle that does not heat up in the heat of the sauna. The rounded design of the Legend selection is inspired by the shape of aeroplanes. All Harvia Legend sauna accessories have a spirit of craftsmanship.

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Handmade - stories about steam

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    Every Harvia Legend product is part of the heroic story of Harvia, founded in 1950 and currently the world’s largest sauna heater and stove manufacturer. Every Legend heater and stove is a handmade masterpiece by Harvia’s master blacksmiths.

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