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Harvia Legend Sauna with Electric heater Legend Pro 11kW

Harvia Legend sauna honors old Finnish traditions and includes all the elements that make sauna and sauna-bathing beyond relaxing and magical. The dark interior of the Harvia Legend sauna makes a cozy atmosphere where you want to enjoy the silence while soft steam nourishes your skin. The large and spectacular panoramic window offers endless opportunities to enjoy the scenery while taking a sauna. The sauna has been designed by carpenter Mika Pitkänen and represents the high quality of craftsmanship. The sauna comes as a ready-made on-site module, with plug-and-play electricity connections. The Legend sauna includes pre-installed, atmospheric LED lights and liftable benches which makes cleaning the sauna easy. Harvia’s Legend sauna is insulated, so the sauna is energy efficient and suitable for even colder areas. Insulation also speeds up heating and affects the retention of heat in the sauna. This luxurious sauna includes Harvia Legend heater (Legend Pro PO11, 11 kW). Available in: Right-handed version SHL3499 (as seen in pictures) and Left-handed version SHL3499L.

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