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  • Harvia Delta Black
  • Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna
  • Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna
  • Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna
  • Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna
  • Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna
  • Harvia SmartFold bathroom sauna
  • Harvia SmartFold

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Harvia Bathroom Sauna SmartFold 2.0

Harvia's SmartFold 2.0 sauna is a real space wonder. When the sauna is not in use, it can be conveniently folded up, significantly saving floor space compared to conventional saunas. The Smartfold 2.0 sauna looks stylish even when folded. For the SmartFold 2.0 sauna, we have customized a modern heater with a modern look and integrated light switches into the control panel. The lights can also be used when the sauna is folded, working as an elegant light for the entire bathroom. When in use, the modest heating power of 3.6kW, compact sauna size and high-quality insulation save electricity compared to a traditional sauna solution. The sauna also heats up quickly to sauna-perfect conditions. Safety is important to us. As such, the sauna can only be heated when the structure has been opened for use. When the boards are left in the upper position, the sauna can also be freely used with a wheelchair. We have designed the SmartFold 2.0 sauna to be easy to install. For example, an electrician is not needed for the installation, because the heater is connected via a plug to the grounded outlet in the bathroom. When opened, the external dimensions of the SmartFold 2.0 sauna are 120x120 cm and, when folded, 120x60 cm.

Item number Harvia

  • Small and compact collapsible sauna for max. two persons
  • The double-glazed door and liftable platforms enable the sauna to be used with a wheelchair
  • High-quality materials enable installation in the bathroom
  • Excellent, sustainable materials together with stylish dark grey glass doors complete the sauna's appearance
  • All in one. An easy-to-install package including sauna, heater, lighting, and sauna control panel
  • The sandwich structure of the walls contains, in addition to a durable surface, a urethane insulation layer, which guarantees energy-efficient sauna heating and also ensures that the structure can withstand the humidity of the bathroom without problems
  • Space requirement: width 120 cm, depth 120 cm and height 208 cm. When folded, the depth is halved to 60 cm
  • Led light: 3.8W. Color 3000K, Warm white. Not dimmable. The light source is replaceable.

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