Harvia Ventura sauna cabin
  • Harvia Ventura sauna cabin
  • Harvia Ventura sauna cabin
  • Harvia Ventura sauna cabin
  • Harvia Ventura sauna cabin
  • Harvia Ventura sauna cabin

Saunas (cabins) | Ventura

Harvia Ventura Made to Order Sauna

Made to match your taste and premises. You are free to choose the size of your sauna. Depth and width can vary from 1.3 m to 2.5 m. Aside from custom dimensions, two standard-size cabins are available: 1.6 x 2 and 2 x 2 m. Standard cabins include our beautiful Ventura panels on the inside and striking, wide black-stained spruce panels on the outside. The sauna is equipped with our signature Ventura sauna benches, which are  veneered with ash wood for a streamlined appearance. The silk-printed glass front wall of the Ventura cabin allows you to bathe in natural light. 

Remote-controlled color LED lights (RGBW) also allow you to add your own ambiance to this elegant sauna. 

The flowing form of the Ventura benches guarantees both a stylish appearance and comfort.

Complete insulation for energy efficiency. The high-performance 30 mm thick PIR insulation board is equivalent to approximately 60 mm conventional rock wool insulation, making the sauna energy-efficient and quick to heat up. 

Safety both inside and out
Our Ventura sauna cabin is designed with 70 years of experience taking into consideration all aspects of safety in the sauna. All window elements are made of 8 mm safety glass. The new enhanced frame structure of the Ventura sauna benches guarantees an enjoyable sauna experience even for a bigger group.

Fast assembling
The Ventura sauna cabin offers an extremely fast assembly experience from opening the package to heating up the sauna. Standard-size, Ventura cabins are available in right-handed versions SHV1620 and SHV2020 (as seen in pictures) and left-handed versions SHV1620L and SHV2020L

Item number Harvia

  • Interior made of signature Ventura panels and exterior can be modified for your taste and need
  • Open and spacious feeling with high quality white framed tempered glass
  • Enhanced insulation
  • Safety on inside and out
  • RGBW LED lights included
  • Height 2.1m, depth and width can vary from 1.3m to 2.5m
  • Extremely fast installation
  • Made in Finland

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