Harvia Nova steam column
  • Harvia Nova steam column
  • Harvia Nova steam column
  • Harvia Nova steam column
  • Harvia Nova steam cabin
  • Harvia Serene steam cabin
  • Harvia Serene steam cabin
  • Harvia Nova steam column


Nova Steam Shower Column 3 kW

Harvia Nova steam shower column is a plug-and-play solution with a design that speaks for itself. Nova's thin frame structure with nearly full glass front is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury and modern appeal to any bathroom where it is placed. The easy-to-install column with the cleverly integrated steam mechanics will bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation that you truly deserve. Along with the built-in solution for soft and gentle steam, the Nova column also supports aromatherapy, and hand & head shower. In addition to all the above, the Nova steam shower column also comes with built-in water filter cartridge to ensure clean and pure water for the steam generator, making this truly an all-in-one solution with every small detail covered to provide you with an experience that you will never forget. The stand-alone Nova steam shower column gives you full flexibility in terms of the type of steam cabin that you would like to build around it. Choose the walls, roof, and bench as per your liking and you have a personal oasis as home.

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Room volume

  • Minimalistic design with full glass front and sleek frame
  • Innovative steam nozzle design for a smooth, soft and quiet steam experience
  • Integrated water filter for clean and pure steam experience
  • Built-in support for aromatherapy
  • Comes with hand and head shower

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Harvia Nova products are designed and developed to bring our valued customers the ultimate peace of mind and body. The benefits of steam bathing have been known for a long time already, and now with the Nova group of products, Harvia is bringing these benefits directly to your doorstep. Nova steam shower cabin and Nova steam shower column are perfect for use in homes, hotels, resorts and even gyms.

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