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Wood burning heater Sentiotec Concept W black

Sentio by Harvia Concept W is an impressive, modern and stylish woodburning stove that is suitable for medium and large saunas. The stove is made of the best available materials and the best know-how with the technologies of tomorrow. The Sentio by Harvia Concept W heater is the result of almost 70 years of Product development that has been made to last. Thanks to the optimized amount of stone, the stove warms up quickly, but without comPromising on steam. The other side of the stove is closed to reduce the safety distance, the other side shows a handsome stone surface. Through the large glass door, the warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. Robust design – made to last, sturdy materials and structure.

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Robust fesign - made to last, sturdy materials and structure

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    Concept W

    In the design of Sentio by Harvia’s wood-heated stoves, strong emphasis has been given on the high quality of carefully selected materials. The exclusive material of the stove, carefully thought out details and a large amount of stones ensure a natural steam bath and a relaxing sauna experience.

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