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Accessory kit Harvia 20PRO BIMSCHV 2

Harvia wood-burning heater modification kit BimSchV 2, allows Harvia wood-burning heaters type-tested in accordance with the standard (EN 15821: 2010) to be easily modified to meet regional requirements (DIN EN 15821: 2011-01). Recommended for use in Germany. The modification kit includes air deflector plates to be installed in the firebox, and documentation in accordance with the regional requirements. Follow the installation instructions and safety instructions provided with the modification kit. Compatible products:Harvia Pro 20, Harvia Pro 20 SL, Harvia Pro 20 ES, Harvia Pro 20 boiler, Harvia Pro 20 SL boiler, Harvia Legend 240, Harvia Legend 240 SL, Harvia Linear 22, Harvia 22

Item number Harvia
BImSchV 2 

  • Modification kit BimSchV 2 for Harvia woodburning heaters
  • Easy installation
  • Include all required components
  • Contain: secondary air plates and required documentation

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