Harvia Sauna Heater Stones

Sauna stones are often overlooked but remain one of the most important parts of the sauna. Appropriate quality, size, and placement of stones in the heater can have a significant effect on the heat retention and steam generation in the sauna.

Harvia heater stones fit to all sauna heaters – guaranteed by our constant quality control with the Geological Survey Institute of Finland. For this reason, our stones are always safe, clean, and ready to use – worldwide.

Harvia Vulcanite heater stones

Sauna stones must be quarried and selected carefully to pass quality control, which confirms they are safe under intense heat and do not release any emissions. Harvia sauna stones are known to be safe under the intense temperatures of the sauna and retain heat for maximum efficiency.

All stones are thoroughly hand-selected and pre-washed so that replacing them is made easy every time. Prioritizing sustainability, stones that don't meet the quality standards are repurposed for construction and other industries.

Harvia Legend & Scala benches

Annual replacement of sauna stones

  • extends the lifetime of the sauna heater

  • saves energy

  • saves the sauna interior

  • guarantees the best sauna bath and steam experience

Genuine, high-quality sauna stones are available in different sizes for all heaters. Along with the traditional olivine diabase, different varieties are available, including Heat Treated Elite, Dark Vulcanite, Rounded Olivine Diabase, and Decorative Snow-White and Red Granite sauna stones. Read more about these different stone types below.

Harvia Cilindro Black Steel detail

Olivine diabase sauna heater stones

Olivine diabase sauna heater stones are the most common and used sauna stone for all heater types and is a subvolcanic rock mined in Western Finland. This traditional stone type is durable in structure and thanks to its high density, it stores and releases heat well. This guarantees perfect steam for sauna.

Heat treated Elite sauna heater stones

Elite Pro Heavy Duty sauna heater stones

Elite Pro Heavy Duty sauna heater stones are made of the finest quality of olivine diabase, which have been exposed to temperatures of approx. 1000 Celsius. Heat treatment gives the stones longer service life, making this stone type optimal for public saunas with intensive use.

Harvia Legend with safety railing detail image

Black Vulcanite sauna heater stones

Black Vulcanite sauna heater stone is a small granular, dark grey stone. When wet, the stone shines black making it a great-looking option with selected Harvia heaters. The stone’s volcanic origins date back to ca. 2000 million years. Based on its structure and composition, vulcanite is an excellent choice for a sauna stone as it is hard and durable.

Harvia rounded sauna heater stones

Rounded Olivine Diabase sauna heater stones

Rounded Olivine Diabase sauna heater stones resemble nature's rounded stones from the great rapids. The use of this stone introduces a soft steam method; the pouring water runs easily down to the lower stone layers. This way the water reaches more surface area, generating more steam with a softer touch. This method of using rounded stones on the top layer of the heater works in all sauna heaters.

We recommend the use of larger standard Olivine Diabase stones in the bottom layers as they give more heating surface area for the water. This combination provides the best result for soft steam and effective heat generation, especially in heaters with smaller stone capacity. If larger 10-15 cm diameter rounded stones are used, finish the top layer of the heater with smaller 5-10 cm diameter stones to guarantee the softest steam.  

Decorative stones

White decorative sauna heater stones

White Decorative Stones 

Decorative White sauna heater stones are designed to be used as decorative elements at the top of the heater. The stones provide extra soft steam and create a white, clean atmosphere in the sauna. White stones are to be used as a top layer stone only and should be used at a maximum of one box per heater.

Red Granite Decorative Stones

Decorative Red Granite sauna heater stones are designed to be used as decorative elements at the top of the heater. This reddish rock type creates warm atmosphere for your sauna and finishes your heater spectacularly. Red granite stones are to be used as a top layer stone only and should be used at a maximum of one box per heater.

Piling the stones

How to check and maintain sauna heater stones?

Due to large variation in temperature, the sauna stones disintegrate slowly but gradually during use. Disintegrating stones can be observed if stone pieces are found on the floor of the sauna room. It is also advised to rearrange the stones at least once a year or even more often if the sauna is in frequent use. When rearranging, you should check the durability of the stones by hitting them together. If stones crack and sound shallow it is time to change disintegrated stones with new ones. Also remove any stone debris from the bottom of the heater.

Piling stones to The Wall heater

How to pile sauna heater stones?

The piling of the sauna stones has a great effect on both the safety and the heating capability of the heater, especially for electric heaters. Always check the right heater stone size and amount from the manual included with the heater. Smaller 5-10 cm diameter stones are usually used in electric heaters as they fit well between heating elements. Smaller stone sizes are also used on the top layer of woodburning heaters as they create more surfaces for steam generation. Larger 10-15 cm diameter stones are used in woodburning heaters and also in selected Harvia electric heaters with larger stone capacity.

Start the stone piling by washing off the dust from the stones before placing them into the heater. Be aware, that the type and the shape of the heater affect the piling structure of the stones. Your best guide for doing this properly for your selected heater is to follow the instructions included in the heater manual. Here are a few important tips for piling sauna heater stones for all Harvia heater types.

  • Do not drop stones into the heater

  • Arrange the stones evenly and sparsely to make sure air can flow between the stones

  • Do not form a high pile of stones on top of the heater

  • Do not place stones on top of heater frame

  • Place elongated stones vertically in the heater

Also notice that in electric heaters:

  • Do not wedge stones between the heating elements

  • Pile the stones so that they support each other instead of lying their weight on the heating elements

  • Support the heating elements with stones so that the elements don’t bend

New stones may give the sauna a natural stone scent during the first heating. After piling the stones, we recommend heating the sauna and throwing enough water to douse all the heater stones. By doing this the unwanted stone scent will be dispersed after the first heating.

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