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Heater stones | Olivine diabase

Sauna heater stones Harvia 10-15 cm 20 kg

Olivine diabase sauna heater stones are the most common and used sauna stones for all heater types and is a subvolcanic rock mined in Western Finland. This traditional stone type is durable in structure and thanks to its high density, it stores and releases heat well. This guarantees perfect steam for sauna.

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  • Traditional angular sauna heater stones with high quality
  • For large electric heaters and to all wood burning heaters
  • Split-face stones store plenty of heat, making the water thrown onto them vaporise efficiently on the broad fracture surface
  • The split-face stones are easy to stack and enable good air circulation
  • Excellent heat storage capacity, durability and thermal conductivity
  • Color and stone species: Dark gray olivine diabase
  • Stone size 10-15 cm and box weight 20 kg
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients
  • Check the right stone size for your heater from the heater manual
Harvia Vulcanite sauna heater stones

Harvia sauna heater stones

The best steam and appearance for your heater

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